Queensboro Dance Festival 2020 Season Finale Digital Playbill

About the Queensboro Dance Festival

The Queensboro Dance Festival (QDF) was launched in 2014 with the mission to strengthen the dance community in Queens, and garner a greater appreciation for Queens dance.  Presenting Queens-based dance companies of diverse cultures and styles, QDF tours performances & classes every summer throughout Queens theaters, parks, plazas, libraries, and street events to bring local dance to Queens neighborhoods.

Karesia Batan, Executive Director

Special Thanks:

Queens Theatre, Presenting Partner

Kristina Voznick: QDF 2020 Stage Manager

Mateo Tarolli, Marc Nuñez, Andy Rodriguez:  QDF 2020 Technical Crew

Nicole Cordero Callahan:  QDF Content Manager

And to all our dancers and audiences!

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Night 1: October 3, 2020, 6:00 PM

* denotes Queens Premiere

scattered pieces * (adaption)

scattered pieces is a dance theater piece that explores the ideas of misplacement and loss. When something goes missing or someone is gone, how does it affect us? Maybe the thing or person isn’t gone, but it’s changed, how do we deal with that? Do we grieve; do we try to fix it? Can it be fixed? Are some things just broken? Perhaps something new emerges. Through relationships with the people in our community, we can find comfort and strength and move forward with compassion.

Company: NK&D / a movement company
Choreography by Nicole Kadar in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers:  Nicole Kadar, Kathryn McKenzie, Caitlin Potosnak, Glenna Yu and Lorena Jarmillo (apprentice)
Music: Daniel Bernard Roumain & Brian Crain

About NK&D / a movement company (Astoria)

Nicole Kadar holds an MA in Dance Education from Hunter College’s Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program and a BS in Dance from Skidmore College. Nicole has worked with choreographers Robert Battle, Camille A. Brown, Nicole Corea, Teresa Fellion, Erica Pujic, Jenny Rocha, Tamara Saari and Melissa Riker. She currently freelances with the Matthew Westerby Company and Valerie Green/Dance Entropy. Her choreography has been presented in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. In 2018 she established NK&D / a movement company. nicolekadar.com Insta: @nkd.amovementcompany

De Costa a Costa * (excerpt)

This dance presents bailes from 2 states of Mexico; Veracruz located on the Gulf of Mexico and Guerrero on the coast of the Pacific. Both states exude a level of poise and grace that flow well with each other while maintaining a high level of intricate footwork.

Company: Manhatitlan Mexican Folkloric Dance Club
Choreography by Felix Perez and Pillar Maez
Dancers: Alex Velasquez, Felix O. Pérez, Jazmin P. Pérez, Karla A. Pérea, Monseratte Velasquez, and Rosalba Carvente
Music: Conjunto Medellin de Lino Chavez, Conjunto Villa del Mar de Angel Valencia, and Grupo Nahucalli

About Manhatitlan Mexican Folkloric Dance Club (Long Island City)

Manhatitlan, previously known as St. Raphael’s Mexican Folkloric Dance Club, was started around 2012 as a way to fulfill a cultural need within the Mexican community living in the area, surrounding the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. 2018 marked the year the group transitioned to Manhatitlan pursuing a professional path. Website: straphael-queens.org Instagram:  @manhatitlan

Made to Love * (excerpt)

In the wake of our ever-changing society, we must be grateful that we have family and community in a time of unrest and difficulty. Let’s celebrate our African culture, connect and be joyous! The dance showcases hip-hop, modern, African and step while highlighting love is the connective fabric that holds us together no matter what.

Company: The Kingdom Dance Company
Choreography by Paige “Queen TuT” Stewart
Dancers: Kaitlin Oliver, Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart, Shereece Thomas, Shaday BrownBill Powell, Kaori Nakata, Debie Mendoza and Keisha James
Music: John Legend Mix by DJ Ufoh
Videography: Paige “Queen TuT” Stewart

About The Kingdom Dance Company (Rosedale)

The Kingdom is a collective from NYC, created by Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart. Her credits include BET, MTV, Wyclef Jean, Ariana Grande, Patty Labelle & Lupe Fiasco. This company showcases Hip-hop, Tap, African and Step. The Kingdom provides training, career development, instructor workshops, audition prep, resume help and community service. Website: www.theQueenTuT.com Insta: @TheKingdomDanceCo

So Much To Say

So Much To Say is about how we all have different views and different voices. These differences are what make the country so beautiful and unique.

Company: Cole Collective
Choreography by Nicole Ohr
Dancers: Ann Marie Dragich, Nicole Ohr, Tamii Sakurai, Kelsey Sheppard, Edward Tolve, and Michael J. Verre
Music: Oscar Peterson

About Cole Collective (Astoria)

Cole Collective is a professional tap dance company founded in 2014 by choreographer Nicole Ohr. They have performed throughout the tri-state area in different festivals and shows such as Dance Astoria, Queensboro Dance Festival, Choreographer's Collective, Choreographer's Canvas and Choreographer's Forum. Insta: @coletaps85


Feeling the movements one after another - exploring how to take it to another level. Stepping out of a comfort zone and allowing yourself to get lost in the creation of movement.

Company: Urvashie Kissoon
Choreographed and performed by Urvashie Kissoon
Music: Indro Roy-Chowdhury, Sushanta Nandi, Rishi Chatterjee

About Urvashie Kissoon (Forest Hills)

Urvashie Kissoon is trained in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Kathak. She has performed at notable venues such as the City Hall of New York and Metropolitan Museum of Art, amongst others. Urvashie has performed across the U.S., including Kolkata, India, and Seville, Spain. Urvashie completed her Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak Rangmanch Pravesh.  Facebook: Urvashi Dance

Warrior Save Our Home

Lamba, Cinte and Yamamaa

 Company: FANIKE! African Dance Troupe

Choreography by Patricia Ghizamboule Robinson and Shola Jones

Dancers: Crystal Ife Sekhem, Kimberly Bailey, Iyanu, Sarai Kearse Alleyne, Lenea Stevens, Noelle Pigott, LaNiece McKeller, Tunisha Johnson, Rasheeda Rhodes, Jordyn Pigott, and Kadesha Trumpet
Music: Kirov Briggs, Atiba Morales, Eddie Jones

About FANIKE! African Dance Troupe (Springfield Gardens)

Patricia Ghizamboule Robinson is an Artistic Director, choreographer and teacher. Her artistic focus is grounded in the traditional and cultural arts of Africa, specifically West Africa. As a former dancer and sabar drummer with several NY premier African dance companies, she has decades of performance experience. www.fanikeafricandance.com Insta: @fanike_dance_troupe


Vox, with music by Geminiano Giacomelli and performed by Cecilia Bartoli, was inspired by the women's suffrage and the emotion of being misunderstood. Four women weave an elegant story of feminine power and strength through dance and gesture.

Company: Amy Marshall Dance Company
Choreography by Amy Marshall
Dancers: Torrey McAnena, Julia Neto, Caitlin Sheppard, and Alyssa Wiedman
Music: Geminian Giacomelli; Performed by Cecilia Bartoli
Costumes: Aileen Roehl

About Amy Marshall Dance Company (East Elmhurst)

Amy Marshall spent her career in the companies of Paul Taylor and David Parsons, H. T. Chen and Dancers, Cortez and Company and many more. Ms. Marshall established the Amy Marshall Dance Company in 2000. The company has toured the USA, China, Poland and Mexico.  www.amymarshall.com  Insta: @amymarshalldanceco

Untitled Chopin Study: Live(ish) from LIC*

“Chopin Study” is a music visualization, a dance that serves as a duet partner to the sound.
It is a solo for two.

Company: chrisbelldances
Choreography by Chris Bell
Dancers: Chris Bell (with special appearances from the LIC community)
Music: Frédéric Chopin performed by Idil Biret
Costume: Dav Burrington

About chrisbelldances (Long Island City)

Chris Bell has presented work in 4 out of 5 boroughs in NYC (including evening length works at Dixon Place and Gibney Dance Center), 3 States, and Mexico. www.chrisbelldances.com Insta: @chrisbelldances

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Night 2: October 4, 2020, 6:00 PM

* denotes Queens Premiere

Broken sidewalk*

Currently using the soundscape of Japanese Water.. broken sequences of movement through body.....

Company: Barbara Mahler Dances
Choreographed and performed by Barbara Mahler
Music: John Cage


About Barbara Mahler (Jackson Heights)

Barbara Mahler has been an active member of the NYC dance community for over 30 years as a movement and dance educator, choreographer, and performer. She has traveled and performed internationally in South America, Europe, Canada, and Asia. She teaches ongoing classes in NYC and is instrumental in the outreach of Klein Technique. www.barbaramahler.com Insta: @barbara_mahler

Voices 2.0 * (excerpt)

....If I ever sit and think.. about all the things happening in the world... I would go absolutely crazy!

Company: Drye|Marinaro Dance Company
Choreography by Jamie Drye
Dancers: Yu Fujiwara, Marion Helfenstein, Chieh Hsiung, and Caleb Patterson
Music: COH + Cosey Fanni, Julian Julien

About Drye|Marinaro Dance Company (Forest Hills)

In spring of 2011, the Drye|Marinaro Dance Company was established. DMDC has created numerous self-produced works at NYC venues, including Dixon Place, Playroom Theatre, Club Nublu, Caveat NYC, Abrons Arts Center, and NY Live Arts. Presenting concerts festivals Fresh Series, Jennifer Muller’s Hatched, PMT Showcase, and Philly Fringe Festival.  www.dmdancecompany.org Insta: @dryemarinarodanceco

Haram Alek *

This dance number is choreographed to a contemporary Arabic song that evokes a playful beat and style reminiscent of the 1960's pop music in both Arabic and American culture.

Company: Noora Dance Theater
Choreographed and performed by Noora Aphrodite
Music: Natcha Atlas
Costume: Decotach

About Noora Dance Theater (Astoria)

Accomplished and passionate Noora Aphrodite has been in the New York and worldwide dance scene for over 30 years. She has produced several shows, is a regular at various venues and dance festivals and has appeared on Good Day New York.  Noora coaches privately & teaches weekly classes www.nooradance.com Insta: @nooraaphrodite

Hand Me Down My Walking Cane *

A Blues and Flamenco fusion danced from a women's point of view.

Company: Flamenco Latino
Choreography by Aurora Reyes with staging of choreography by Raquel Heredia and Carmen Guerrero
Dancers: Aurora Reyes, Natalia Starkova, and Malia Fay Vazquez
Music: Basilio Georges, Elmore James, Koko Taylor
Costume: Aurora Reyes

About Flamenco Latino (Jackson Heights)

Aurora Reyes is a respected flamenco dancer, choreographer, and teacher in the Flamenco communities of Spain and New York. She is of Spanish descent, which inspired her inquiry into flamenco. Aurora’s collaboration with composer Basilio Georges produced Flamenco Latino, a NY-based Flamenco dance company, fusing Flamenco and Afro-Caribbean traditions. www.flamencolatino.com Insta: @flamencolatinonyc

The performance of this new work for QDF 2020 tour is made possible with support from DANCE/NYC’S CORONAVIRUS RELIEF FUND.


Tarana is dance Nritta, or dance focusing primarily on technique rather than expression, consisting of swift, fast paced movements, combined with complex patterns of todas and parans, elegantly performed to taranum music, a poetry through music, illustrating the dexterity, velocity, strength and stamina required by the dancer. The intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns, along with graceful movements, merge together to provide a visual harmony of this everlasting traditional dance.

Company: Vivarta Arts
Choreography by Guru Smt. Jamuna Mitcham
Dancer: Preya Patel
Music: Pdt. Ravi Shankar

About Vivarta Arts (Kew Gardens)

With a fascination of exploring the beauty and commonalities of traditional dance genres, Preya Patel (Kathak - North Indian Classical), Danielle Hartman (Persian) and Paola Garcia (Sufi) collaborated their styles into a unique dance piece.  Having performed at prestigious venues in the US and Internationally, all are masters in their genre.  www.vivartaarts.com Insta: @vivartaarts

Syrtos & Maleviziotis from Crete

“Never forget the place that you’re from... there is no value to the tree if it does not have roots.”

Company: The Greek American Folklore Society
Choreography by: Vaia Allagianis, Artistic Director
Dancers: Alexia Volonakis, Michelle Weller, Elizabeth Tsouristakis
Music: Yiannis Mandas & Vassilis Vassiliadis
Costume: Traditional Greek folk dress from Crete, Halkidiki and Kalymnos

About The Greek American Folklore Society (Astoria)

The Greek American Folklore Society is dedicated to the study, preservation and instruction of the history and traditions of Hellenic folk culture. We share our work with the public through stage re-enactments of traditional Greek customs, songs and dances, as well as through lectures, exhibits and workshops. www.greekamericanfolkloresociety.org Insta: @gafsny

Neighborhood Tinikling *

Tinikling is a traditional dance of the Philippines that has regional variations of basic steps. The dance represents the tikling bird escaping from bamboo traps in the rice fields.  It is also said to have been the way martial arts training such as Silat was concealed among field workers.

Company: The Physical Plant
Choreography by Karesia Batan
Dancers: Martin Borromeo, Emily Hart-Lopez, Marc Nuñez and Karesia Batan
Music: traditional Tinikling music

About The Physical Plant (Sunnyside)

The Physical Plant is a dance company + production house dedicated to Queens-centric programming. Artistic Director Karesia Batan’s choreography has been presented at the Secret Theatre, Dixon Place, Gibney, Triskelion Arts, HERE Arts, LIC Arts Open, Theaterlab, and Built on Stilts. The Physical Plant produces programs including the Queensboro Dance Festival, DANCE SHORTS screenings and Site Moves installations. Insta: @thephysicalplant


A jewel from Guru Mayadhar Raut‘s treasure chest, recomposed by Mala. Pure dance is displayed, applicable to dance and the accompanying music exhibiting technique unfolding gradually from slow movement to faster tempo. Set to Raga Aarabhi in Ek Tala, highlighting the exquisitely graceful poses or Bhangis of Odissi.

Company: Mala’s Odissi
Choreography by Mala Desai
Dancers: Mala Desai and Tarini Karwal
Music: Guru Mayadhar Raut, Shri Purna Chandra Majhi

About Mala’s Odissi (Forest Hills)

Mala Desai is an international dancer, teacher, choreographer. Inspired by life experiences, she creates productions synthesizing various dance techniques. Recipient of an NYFA Scholarship & Immigrant Artist Fellowship. Current Artistic Director, Mala’s School of Odissi Dance, Faculty, YICG, Guest, NYU World Dances, 2017 Art Producer, Artist Commission Project, QCA. https://sites.google.com/site/malasodissi/ Insta: @MalaDOdissi 

Summer Suite 2.0 *

Summer Suite is a fun, upbeat street jazz and hip-hop dance medley set to global pop music.

Company: Gotham Dance Theater
Choreography by Marc Nuñez, Emily Hart-Lopez, and Nadia Khayrallah
Dancers: Davonna Batt, Victoria Beale, Lyndsay Dru Corbett, Maria Cwiklinski, Zoë Davidson, Harumi Elders, Emily Hart-Lopez, Nicole Johnson, Nadia Khayrallah, Whitley Locks, Marc Nuñez, and Lia-Shea Tillett
Music: Anitta, Major Lazer, Zahed Sultan, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, BLACKPINK, MRSHLL

About Gotham Dance Theater (Sunnyside)

Marc Nuñez is a Queens-based Choreographer/Dancer. Credits include: Gotham Dance Theater (Founder/Director), Rihanna, Todrick Hall, BARE Dance Company (Mike Esperanza), Entity Contemporary, Peter Pan, Newsies, The Tank (Dance Curator), BFA in Dance with Excellence in Choreography (University of California, Irvine). Member of Actors Equity. Represented by CESD Talent Agency. www.gothamdancetheater.com Insta: @GothamDanceTheater

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Night 3: October 5, 2020, 6:00 PM

* denotes Queens Premiere

Twitch (excerpt)

Our body communicates with the outside world through gestures and  movements that are sometimes involuntary. Concerns, thoughts and sometimes frustrations occupy our mind that never rests. Our mind and our experiences inevitably condition our body to find a balance when you let go and begin to simply dance.

Company: Elisabetta Minutoli
Choreography by Elisabetta Minutoli
Dancers: Zoe Alexandra Thomas, Sara Pizzi, Molly Gray, Kaori Akazawa, Aika Takeshima
Music: Domenico Scarlatti, Faraualla

About Elisabetta Minutoli (Sunnyside)

Elisabetta Minutoli is originally from Italy. She is the Associate Artistic Director of Vivo Ballet Dance Company based in New York and of Vivo Professional Programs in Rome, Italy. As a dancer she collaborated with Nathan Trice, Molissa Fenley, Anabella Lenzu, Luc Bouy, Gloria Pomardi, and Franco.

Beauty of Bengal

Beauty of Bengal showcases Kathak and contemporary dance styles of Bengal. It’s a composition about falling in love during the rainy season.

Company: Antara Saha, Anup Das Dance Academy
Choreography by Late Guru Anup K. Das
Dancer: Antara Saha
Music: Timir Aboguntone, composer Rabindranath Tagore, singer Indrani Sen

About Anup Das Dance Academy (Astoria)

Antara Saha is a Queens based dancer and choreographer. She began to learn dance at the age of 4 and has since mastered various Indian Classical dances and Bangladeshi folk. She is the disciple (graduate) of Guru Anup Das. Antara is currently the dance instructor and choreographer for SJP's Bollywood team in Astoria. Insta: @imperfectlygreat

Little Female Generals * (excerpt)

This dance symbolizes a group of female generals and is based on Chinese Peking Opera. It draws on the forms and techniques of traditional martial arts. Costumes and music are based on classical Chinese art, incorporating modern elements to make them vibrant and glorious.

Company: Mae Mae Dance Studio
Choreography by Mae Mae Niu
Dancers: Ziling Ting, Nicole Chen, Ivy Ou Yang, Siqi Zheng, Kasey Carchi, Shirley Chen, and Angela Chen
Spear Advisor: Michelle Yang

About Mae Mae Dance Studio (Flushing)

Mae Mae Dance Studio in New York is a professional dance education institution that integrates dance training, literary performances and competition exchanges. Dance enthusiasts are connected with the world dance art. The main dance courses of the center include Chinese dance, modern dance, contemporary dance, street dance, ballet, jazz dance. www.maemaedancestudio.com Insta: @maemaedance

Cumbia a Cereté *

Cumbia is traditionally from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. When it is interpreted in the original form of a Circle dance, it could work to communicate and harmonize relationships.

Company: Karla Flórez School of Dance
Choreography by Valeria Olaya-Flórez
Dancers: Valeria Olaya-Flórez, Bryan Alvarez, Enrique Olaya and Karla Flórez
Music: Carlos Molina Hernández, Grupo Aires de mi pueblo

About Karla Flórez School of Dance (Middle Village)

Karla Flórez is a dancer, choreographer, educator, writer and researcher. She produces cultural programs incorporating Colombian folk roots and contemporary dance techniques. Karla has a class program at KFSDNY and is a member of CID UNESCO. She has performed at different events around the world and has worked in collaborative projects with artists form different cultures – especially Caribbean. Website: karla-florez.blogspot.com Insta: @karlaflorezsd

Cha Cha

A lively performance featuring the dance styles of performers and ballroom studio owners Paul and Lulu.

Company: RuDanceNY Ballroom Dance
Choreography by Bao Ru
Dancers: Paul Ru and Lulu Tan
Music: Pussycat Dolls

About Rudanceny Ballroom Dance School (Flushing)

Mr. Ru Bao graduated from Beijing Dance Academy University. Mr. Ru won the highest Chinese Government Prize, the Chinese National Professional Latin Dance Championship First China Lotus Gold Award, Professional Latin Dance Champion, and the Professional Latin Dance Champion in 2004 in Seattle. Insta: @pajlru

Compilation of Chants and Hula

Compilation of Hawaiian chants, kahiko (ancient-style), and 'auana (modern-style) hula.

Company: Na Pua Mai Ka Lani Nuioka
Choreography by Kale Pawai Kimo Alama & Traditional
Dancers & Chanters: Arlise Ganaway-Ellis, Christopher Chung, Doris Rodríguez, Harmony Pilobello, Kelly Nalani, Monica Ng, Kimo Barrus, Maria Ycasiano, Nuni Sawyer Walsh, Tristan Vizconde

About Na Pua Mai Ka Lani Nuioka (Forest Hills)

Although Kumu Kale passed away in 2016, Na Pua Mai Ka Lani Nuioka continues to perpetuate his legacy. The group is lead by NYC alaka'i Chris Chung and Tristan Vizconde, who both enjoy the spirituality of hula and a cultural practice with a rich history that continues to grow. Website: napuanuioka.wixsite.com/nuioka Instagram: @napuanuioka


DTM is a celebration of life, healing and community.

Company: Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre
Choreography by Billy Blanken
Dancers: Kenny Corrigan and Kara Walsh
Music: DTM (Instrumental) PRIMA PRIMO
Costume: Christopher McIntyre (masks)

About Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre (Long Island City)

Billy Blanken started his career as a principal with the Amy Marshall Dance Company before joining Ballets Grandiva. His credits include; Mobile Ballet, CoDa 21, Catherine Gallant Dance, Atlantic City Ballet, Northwest Florida Ballet, Northeastern Ballet Theatre, isadoraNOW, Ballet Mink Colbert, and others. He currently teaches ballet in NYC. Website: sheepmeadowdanceth.wixsite.com/smdt Insta: @birryb

a - TONE - meant: "That's What It Is"

This project is made possible (in part) by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Company: Omar Edwards ll ExQuisite Chill
Performed by Omar Edwards & ExQuisite Chill
Introduction by Council Member I. Daneek Miller (CD27)

Omar Edwards, taps
Julius Chen, keys
Camille Gainer, drums
Anthony Corley, bass
Bayo Fayemi, guitar
Mac Gollehan, trumpet
Jai Lawrence, vocals

About Omar Edwards ll ExQuisite Chill (Jamaica)

A collective of professional musicians and vocalists rotated and paired with an ensemble of up and coming foot musicians called A-Tone-Meant conducted by Omar Edwards. The company was formed to promote tap as an American Folk art of sound and preserve and perpetuate its traditions. Website: www.omaredwardsnyc.com Insta: @a.tone.ment and @omaredwardsandcompany

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