Senior Ensemble Theatre

Our community’s senior citizens bring to the performing arts a lifetime rich in human experience.  In six or more decades of living, they have witnessed world-shaking events and ridden the personal roller coasters of joy, sadness, good fortune and adversity that are essential to conveying high-quality theatre.  What better vehicle than the stage for the dramatization of their special insights?  Queens Theatre’s Senior Ensemble Theatre (SET) provides a vital sense of commitment and joy in the lives of mature adults and demonstrates the possibilities for expanded horizons late in life.

Since 2014, Queens Theatre Education (QTEd) has partnered with several senior centers in Queens Communities to bring theatre arts to the center’s guests.  QTEd’s Director of Education will work with area senior center Program Directors to engage participants and promote our program in the community.

Once the ensemble is gathered, QTEd brings in a professional theatre director/teaching artist and musical director to lead the group in exploring physical and vocal expression through various settings and characters.  The directors help the ensemble chose scenes, songs and develop monologues that offer a variety of roles well suited for older performers. The material we propose present a positive image of the aging experience and provide an opportunity for seniors to enhance their mental acuity, be physically active and form new and lasting bonds with ensemble members. The directors will guide the ensemble members toward a cabaret-style performance goal.

Rehearsals and workshops take place at the senior center, and the final performances take place at the center and a special one-night community performance at Queens Theatre.  QT’s professional crew designs lighting, sound and run the performance at the Theatre.  Friends and family are invited to attend the final performance at QT free of charge.

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