New American Voices – Production History

2020-2021 Season

Virtual Play Readings

Lyin' Ass
By Eugene Lee, Directed by SaMi Chester

The Innkeepers
By Novid Parsi, Directed by Kate Bergstrom

By Jelisa Jay Robinson, Directed by Rubén González

2019-2020 Season

Studio Productions

Chicken and Biscuits
By Douglas Lyons, Directed by Zhailon Levingston 

Play Readings

It Can Happen Here
By Judith Sloan, Directed by Alexandra Aron

Strong Face
By Philana Imade Omorotionmwan, Directed by Kimille Howard

By Nina Ki, Directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

Three Italian Women
By Laura Maria Censabella, Directed by Abigail Zealey Bess

2018-2019 Season

Studio Productions

Relic, or, I Was Bubbie's Favorite by Joel Feinman (as told to Lojo Simon)
By Lojo Simon, Directed by Will Pomerantz

Play Readings

Theatre For All Short Plays - Take Two!

  • Ashes of the Revolution
    By John Patrick Bray, Directed by Evan T Cummings
  • Broken English
    By Nina Ki, Directed by Evan T Cummings
  • Claudie's Brother
    By Barbara Lindsay, Directed by Lisa Garza
  • Interabled
    By Marianna Mott Newirth, Directed by Lisa Garza
  • Purging
    By Ann Marley, Directed by Lisa Garza
  • The Crass Menagerie
    By Rich Orloff, Directed by Evan T Cummings
  • The Tale of the Sleeping Cutie
    By Diane Sampson, Directed by Vincent D'Onofrio

Chicken and Biscuits
By Douglas Lyons, Directed by Zhailon Levingston

Let There Be Love
By Mrinalini Kamath, Directed by Aimee Todoroff

Twice, Thrice, Frice
By Fouad Teymor, Directed by Tracy Cameron Francis

On The Roof
By Donna Koke, Directed by Michael Hardart

Theatre For All Short Plays

  • Miss Direction
    By Kyle Anthony Smith, Directed by Emerie Snyder
  • Bits and Pieces
    By Lacey Alexander, Directed by Emerie Snyder
  • Death Bites
    By Makena Metz, Directed by Emerie Snyder
  • On the Rocks
    By Jeffrey Neuman, Directed by Gwynn MacDonald
  • Mint Jelly
    By Kelli Lynn Woodend, Directed by Gwynn MacDonald
  • X-Ray Vision at the Motel 9
    By  Ian August, Directed by Gwynn MacDonald
  • Zulee's School Lesson
    By Ian August, Directed by Gwynn MacDonald
  • We'd Make Great Babies
    By Carey Cox, Directed by Brant Russell
  • Hurry Up and Wait
    By Annalise Cain, Directed by Brant Russell

2017-2018 Season

Studio Productions

Jimmy and Carolyn
By James Andrew Walsh, Directed by Brooke Ciardelli 

Play Readings

Beach Glass
Written and Directed by Matthew Sheridan

The Anatomy of Love
By Ted Malawer, Directed by Jackson Gay

Sweet Texas Reckoning
By Traci Godfrey, Directed by Cailín Heffernan

The Relic
By Lojo Simon, Directed by Will Pomerantz

The Apocalypse Plays
By Alex Rubin, Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker

Dear Penelope
By Kat Sparks, Directed by Jen Wineman

Dare To Be Black
By Tommie More, Directed by Mary Hodges

2016-2017 Season

Studio Productions

Spirits of Another Sort
Adapted by Gregg Mozgala from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Directed by Alice Reagan (in association with The Apothetae Theatre Company)

Park Plays
By Ngozi Anyanwu, Jenny Lyn Bader, Jess Barbagallo, Gracie Gardner, Richard Hinojosa, MJ Kaufman, Rex McGregor, Don Nguyen, Frank Paiva and Lauren Yee, Directed by Evan T. Cummings, Mary E. Hodges, Emma Miller, Michele O’Brien and Marilee Talkington. Festival Director: Brant Russell

Play Readings

Jimmy and Carolyn
By James Andrew Walsh, Directed by Tom Wojtunik

Straight on 'Til Morning
Written and Directed by Phillip Dallmann

We're Da Champs!
By Jeff Mandels, Directed by Bill Russell

Paper Cut
By Andrew Rosendorf, Directed by Evan T. Cummings

By Nandita Shenoy, Directed by Sanjit De Silva

June is the First Fall
By Yilong Liu, Directed by Kenneth Lee

song of summer
By Lauren Yee, Directed by Kel Haney

2015-2016 Season

Play Readings

Mourning Sun
By Antu Yacob, Directed by Ari Laura Kreith (in association with Theatre 167)

By Nandita Shenoy, Directed by Benjamin Kamine (in association with Ma-Yi Theater Company)

Lily In Love
By  Kristine M. Reyes,Directed by Colette Robert (in association with Mission to dit(Mars)

2014-2015 Season

Mainstage Productions

The Cottage
By Sandy Rustin, Directed by Adam Dannheisser

The Queens Bees
By Rob Urbinati, Directed by Jose Zayas

Studio Productions

World's Fair Play Festival
by Todd Almond, Camilo Almonacid, J. Stephen Brantley, Jenny Lyn Bader, Masuq M. Deen, Kristoffer Diaz, Halley Feiffer, Craig Lucas, Wendy MacLeod, Harrison David Rivers, Caridad Svich and Lauren Yee, Directed by Ari Laura Kreith, Eric Pearson and Brant Russell. Festival Director: Brant Russell

Dishwasher Dreams: Is This America?
By Aladdin Ullah, Directed by Christopher McElroen

Escaping Queens
Music & Lyrics by Joe Ortiz, Book by Joe Ortiz and Greg Fritsch, Directed by Greg Fritsch

Play Readings

The Invention of the Living Room
By Andrew R. Heinze, Directed by Amy Wright

Slow Food
By Wendy MacLeod, Directed by Emily Maltby

Cuerdas (Ropes)
By Barbara Colio, Directed by Maria Alexandria Beech

By Margaret Vandenberg, Directed by Lisa Rothe

Geoffrey & Jeffrey
By Kim Carney, Directed by Rose Ginsberg

2013-2014 Season

Play Readings

Under the Mango Tree 
By Carmen Rivera, Directed by Candido Tarino

The Day After My Suicide
By Cary Wong, Directed by Rob Urbinati

Trials With Brownies
 By Snehal Desai, Directed by Larissa Lury

By Maria Alexandria Beech, Directed by Michelle Bossy

Salt in A Wound
By Melissa Maxwell, Directed by Terry Lyn Berliner

The Commencement of William Tan
By Don Nguyen, Directed by Tamara Fisch

2012-2013 Season

Mainstage Productions

Hit Lit
By Robert Wuhl, Directed by Steven W. Wallace and Robert Wuhl

Play Readings

If It’s Sad, I Don’t Want to Hear It
By Rehana Mirza, Directed by Benjamin Kamine

By Saviana Stanescu, Directed by Dan Wineman

Vanishing Son
By Peter Gil-Sheridan, Directed by Shelley Butler

2012-2013 Season

Mainstage Productions

Chix 6
By Lourds Lane, Directed by DJ Salisbury (in association with READY, FIRE, AIM Productions,  Nederlander-Browne, Dan Frishwasser, Wendy Timmons / Jennifer Swalwell and Executive Producers Aldo Scrofani& Heather Provost)

Heat Wave: The Jack Cole Project
Choreographed and Directed by Chet Walker

Gilbert & Sullivan In Briefs
Written and Directed by Ray Cullom

Studio Productions

Jackson Heights, 3 AM
By Jenny Lyn Bader, J. Stephen Brantley, Ed Cardona, Les Hunter, Tom Miller, Melisa Tien, and Joy Tamasko, adapted and Directed by Ari Kreith (in association with Theatre 167)

Play Readings

Ms. Maxwell and Mrs. Chen 
By John Watts, Directed by Melissa Maxwell

By Elaine Romero, Directed by Edward Torres

Pilgrims Musa & Sheri in the New World
By Yuseef El Guindi, Directed by Marcy Arlin

By Lauren D. Yee, Directed Snehal Desai

En Tus Brazos (In Your Arms)
By Caridad Svich, Directed by Jose Zayas

Hit Lit
By Robert Wuhl, Directed by Ray Cullom

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