Yu.S.Artistry/Wave of Colors

October 24, 2:15 PM

Yu.S.Artistry is a New York City based contemporary dance ensemble composed of freelance dance artists, who collaborate with artistic director Yuki Ishiguro in creating and performing choreographic works on national and international performance platforms. Yu.S.Artistry aims to discover fluid, but powerful and unique imagery based on Yuki’s background - ballet to trained with underground artists such as street performers, Break dancers.

Photograph of Shulman Playhouse
Meet the artist


Yuki Ishiguro, originally from Japan, is a New York based dancer/choreographer. Yuki is trained in several forms of dance, from ballet to breakdance. From these trainings and his own practice, Yuki created his own dance style and signature movements. After working with several dance companies in the U.S. Yuki started his own dance company "Yu.S.Artistry" and is presenting his dance works nationally and internationally.