X Plus One: The Improvised 1940s Sci-Fi Radio Show

August 29 at 3 PM

AMNewYork calls X Plus One “the fake sci-fi radio show from the 1940s you never knew you needed!” and Time Out NY says, “You’re in for a wild night!”

If you’re a fan of The Thrilling Adventure Hour and you can recite Forbidden Planet by heart, you'll love X Plus One, NYC’s only improvised 1940s science-fiction radio show. Journey back in time to the Golden Age of Radio, when our heroes fought bravely against atomic saucers, ray guns, and metal men with their American can-do spirit!


David Armstrong as Spence West
Geoff Grimwood as Spanky Miller
Austin Sanders as Duck McWinn
Rachel Scherer as Mabel Wingate
Libby Zambrano as Rose Royce