The City Artists Corps Showcase at Queens Theatre

Under One Sky

October 23, 1:45 PM

Type of performance: Music Concert

“Under One Sky” is a one-hour concert. Singer Vivi Hu will be singing songs involving elements of the moon, stars, sky, and love in Chinese and English. Her goal is to show though we all have diverse cultures, languages, instruments, colors of skin, we share the same sky and love. She will be accompanied by pianist/producer Shereen Cheong and a pipa player. The songs are rearranged in a way that they combine Lo-Fi, jazz, R&B, Chinese folk, and mandarin pop. The program includes classic Chinese and American songs such as “Blue Moon”, “Fly Me to the Moon”, “花好月圓(Blooming Flowers and Full Moon)” and many other show stoppers. Dancing and poetry reading will also accompany the music.

Photograph of Shulman Playhouse
Vivi Hu
Meet the artist


Vivi Hu is an New York-based singer songwriter who creates a unique sound by using traditional Chinese instruments with a blend of influences from jazz, R&B, soul, and Mandarin pop. In her lyrics, she tells relatable, hopeful stories of her experience of immigrating to the US from China, struggling with identity, and her path as an artist.