TurnOut Queens – Raíces Group

September 5 at 4 PM

For the first-time ever, Queens Theatre will step to a new outdoor stage in Corona Plaza this summer with a series of performances for "TurnOut Queens" from July 11 to September 5.

TurnOut Queens will take place in Corona Plaza, just under the 103rd Street station on the 7 train, every Sunday at 4pm ET. These hour-long performances and live music will highlight local artists.

Raices Group will present a concert of traditional Andean songs fusion with American pop songs. Many of their instruments are tuned to Mother Earth's frequency 432Hz to be totally connected with the ground we step on. Their message of hope and healing goes across through their music. They also use historical facts, humor, and personal experiences to deliver a high dose of consciousness.  A special surprise guest will close this last show at the Turnout Corona at Corona Plaza this September 5th.

Raíces Group in performance