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The Duchess of Grant Park

June 17, 2021

Short Film

Featured Artist: Ava Davis (she/her/hers)

The Duchess of Grant Park is partly a love story about the neighborhood of Grant Park, and partly a story about finding one’s purpose. The Duchess declares Grant Park as her duchy. James, a journalist making a documentary, has chosen the Atlanta character of The Duchess although he knows nothing about her. Through the course of the story, James learns more about the Duchess, her history, and her connection to the neighborhood.  

Ava Davis0025

About Ava Davis

Ava Davis, also known as the Duchess of Grant Park, is a trans actress, writer, and filmmaker living in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also an advocate for increasing trans and queer representation, especially that of black and other minorities. She founded her production company, Studio Vosges, in 2019 with the expressed purpose of telling the stories of queer and trans (GSM) black, brown, and beige people. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature, with a focus in art history, film, and creative writing, from the University of Georgia.

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