The Monkey King

August 29 at 5:00 PM

Queens Theatre and Common Man Musicals team up to bring you a special hour-long video performance of the Theatre For Young Audience musical, The Monkey King.

The Monkey King centers on Sun Wukong, a celebrated figure in Chinese folktales since his first appearance in the 16th Century Ming Dynasty novel, "Journey to the West." This modern retelling offers a feminist twist on the traditional story and asks, "What would happen if the Monkey King were born a girl?"

With its heartfelt music and inspiring storyline, The Monkey King: A Modern Musical follows the adventures of the first-ever female Monkey King as she battles against Heaven and Earth's most treacherous foes to save her beloved tribe and achieve immortality.

Kimbirdlee Fadner as The Monkey King

Once there was a legend of a Monkey King.  For more than half a century, this beloved character from the epic Chinese novel, “Journey to the West”, has been brought to life in literature, comics, animated and live action films and even a Netflix series.  But never before has the legendary Monkey King been born… A GIRL!!!  THE MONKEY KING, A NEW MUSICAL premiered in NYC last year as both a professional production and as a Children’s Production in both NYC and California.  It is also taught in NYC schools and performed at festivals and all in one year! — It is a contemporary and often hilarious look at how the universe reacts when, to everyone’s surprise, their king turns out to be a girl. Meet the heroes and villains of this legendary tale through heart thumping music and brilliantly crafted characters in our 60 minute version!

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Premiering on YouTube and Facebook on Saturday, August 29 at 5:00 PM

Available until September 5

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