Latin Culture and Dance Fiesta

Tango in America

April 8, 8 PM

Center Section: $30
Side Sections: $20

10% discount for students and seniors available

Tango en America presenta una orquesta, bailarines y cantantes que interpretan tango tradicional, incluida una mezcla de canciones icónicas latinoamericanas. Luego, el espectáculo cambia para presentar varios éxitos norteamericanos, con canciones de George Gershwin, Michael Jackson (Billie Jean), Lalo Schilfrin (Mission Impossible), Chick Corea (Spain), and Gloria Gaynor (I Will Survive).

An orchestra, dancers and singers performing traditional tango, including a medley of Latin American iconic songs and North American hits, with songs by George Gershwin, Michael Jackson, Lalo Schilfrin, Chick Corea, and Gloria Gaynor.

Photograph of tango dancers in front of a piano

photos by Dominick Totino



Yamila Viana & Iakof Shonsky
Zoya Altmark & Anton Domansky
Rebecca Blomberg & Vuk Stefanovic


Daniel Holodek
Fernando Pirez
Elsa Ozuna


Emanuel Trifilio, bandoneon
Ali Bello, violin
Everhart Paredes, violin
Magerys Quiñones, violin
Marcelino Thompson, bass
Juan Ubiera, percussion
Jeremiah Mosquera, guitar
Mauricio Smith, sax
Frank Valiente, piano & conductor

Musical Numbers

Part 1

  1. La cumparsita (G. Rodriguez)
  2. Mi Buenos Aires querido (C.Gardel/ A.Le Pera)
  3. La yumba ( O.Pugliese)
  4. Por una cabeza/ Volver  ( C.Gardel/ A. Le Pera)
  5. Palomita blanca (A.Aieta)
  6. Luvia de estrellas /Nocturna (Maderna/J.Plaza)
  7. Latin medley Nuestro juramento /Besame mucho/
  8. América / Alma corazón y vida.
  9. Amadeus (from Symphony #40)( A.Mozart)

Part 2

  1. Billie Jean (M.Jackson)
  2. Lalo (from Mission Impossible) (L. Schifrin)
  3. I Will Survive ( Fikaris / Perren )
  4. Masquerade (L. Russell )
  5. The Last Tango in New York ( F.Valiente)
  6. The Man I Love (G.Gershwin)
  7. Spain ( C.Corea)



About Frank Valiente

Frank ValienteFrank Valiente was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied piano with professors G. Surif and Adolfo Fasoli, harmony and orchestration with Cayetano Marconi, violin with H.Carfi, and later on conducting with maestro Teodoro Fuchs and became member of the orchestra conducted by Fuchs.

  • At age 16, Frank organized and conducted his own orchestra ''Los Juveniles del Tango''. He moved to New York, where he recorded with diverse records companies, as arranger and musical director.
  • Musical conductor on many occasions of the local, national and international OTI Festival.
  • Winner of first place as orchestrator at El Festival de la Canción de New York in 1974.
  • For 8 years served as musical director for Festival de Radio Mil in New Orleans.
  • For 9 years served as musical director for Festival de la Voz y la Cancion Dominicana of New York.
  • Mentioned on August 2nd 2010 in The New York Times:
    “His accomplishments as director, orchestration and pianist has immensely contributed to the growth of latin music in the City New York.”
  •  Producer of many musical shows
  •  Composed and orchestrated the “Tango Mass”, the music based on the official liturgical.  The premier took place May 24, 1998 at St. Patrick Cathedral.
  • For many years hosted his own Radio Show “Tango Tempo”.
  • Work as pianist and musical director with famous singers.