Say It Ain’t So

by Nikki Brake-Sillá

Directed by Christina Eskridge

Director of Artistic Sign Language: Pat Creamer

A reading benefiting Queens Theatre's Theatre for All Program, presented by New American Voices and the Queens Theatre/Apothetae Fellowship Program

December 10, 8:00 PM Free, suggested donation $25

Say It Ain’t So is a potent and provocative new American play, weaving the tale of Sandra, an affluent Black mother, on the lam with her Deaf sister, Renny. Sandra encounters her Ancestors; Past, Present and Future who bring into question - can Black women ever truly be free? What do we inherit? What past should we not pass on? Can cycles really be broken?

Presented by Queens Theatre’s New American Voices, in association with Queens Theatre/Apothetae Fellowship Program.

ASL Interpreted PerformanceThis performance will be American Sign Language interpreted.

Photograph of Nikki Brake-Silla