The City Artist Corps Showcase at Queens Theatre

Ready to Heal / Ready to Grieve

October 17

Type of event: Interactive Art Installation

How can we be alive to our healing and grief? How is healing and grieving possible through community and in community? As we experience new forms of isolation in the pandemic, we see anew how essential it is to share our journeys of feeling and being. Ready to Heal / Ready to Grieve is a participatory and interactive art installation that creates space for people to share their stories and take action towards connection. Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to gather, share stories, and create.

Queens Theatre in the Park, Location: Queens NY, Architect: Caples and Jefferson Architects
A Ensemble 246 Anjali Deshmukh
Meet the artist


Anjali Deshmukh ( is an artist, game designer, and writer dedicated to creating for and with community in public spaces and working toward a justice-driven capitalism 2.0.

Purvi Shah ( won the inaugural SONY South Asian Social Service Excellence Award for her leadership fighting violence against women. Her book, Miracle Marks, explores women, the sacred, and gender & racial equity.

Together, they created circlefor (, where art emerges through connection, participation, and listening. In Missed Fortunes, they documented pandemic rituals to create poetry and visual art and a community archive for healing. See and purchase the prints at