Premiere: I See You and You See Me

April 22, 7:00 PM

I See You and You See Me is a filmed theatrical event, featuring filmed monologues based on oral history and source material submitted to The Queens Memory Project.

Directed, written, and adapted by Harris Doran, I See You and You See Me features stories from across the Queens community, including submissions from Kaffy Abdul, Hector Biaggi, Seo-Young Chu, Tanya Fiebert, Emily Hepding, Sto Len, Douglas Lyons, Carrie Marino, Natalie Milbrodt, Demetries Morrow, Sheena Pachon, and Sarah Pousty; and features performances by Alana Raquel Bowers, Deborah S. Craig, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Deirde Lovejoy, Carol Mazhuvancheril, Pooya Moheseni, Kate Rigg, Khalid Rivera, James Seol, Rocky Vega, and Brittany Vicars.

Join us for the exclusive digital premiere on April 22nd, and afterwards, participate in a live Zoom event with the director, producer, cast, crew and community in discussion about the making of the film, and a reflection of the last year of COVID.

I See You and You See Me