The City Artists Corps Showcase at Queens Theatre

Journey Through Song

October 24, 6:45 PM

Type of event: Music Performance

Journey Through Song is a program of vocal and instrumental pieces from our countries of origin and much more! Through serenades, folk songs, romances, traditional and concert pieces, you will hear music from Ireland, Italy, the USA, and Korea. Rebecca Clarke, Amy Beach, Aaron Copland, and other composers will take you also on a journey through different times and styles up to jazz and contemporary.

Photograph of Shulman Playhouse
Laura Giannini
Meet the artist


Founded in 2019 by three Queens(NYC)-resident female performers, QueensSound Ensemble mainly takes the form of a trio or a duo and strives to combine the sonorities of voice and instruments in various chamber music geometries, always delivering new stories to the audience. We perform classical, contemporary, and works written by living composers. Our concert programs are a blend of music from the past and new, original and arranged, with jazz, musical theatre and pop influences.
The QueensSound Ensemble founding members are the Soprano Linda Teixeira, the Violinist Laura Giannini and the Organist/Pianist Helena Kim.