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Venue Event

Generation Y Productions presents

Ektoros Katharsis

June 26, 7 PM

Tickets: $50-$100

Hector is the leader of the Trojan forces in Homer's epic The Iliad, which covers the final period of the long war between the Greeks and Trojans. The play deals with the purification of Hector, the disgraced dead, the defender of Troy, the war denier, the peacemaker. All the lyrics about Hector, hetero-referential or self-referential, have been isolated and are rendered in the form of rhapsodic narration, accompanied by live music. It is one of the few attempts to highlight the myth from Hector's point of view about the Homeric epic - and a "restoration" of this underrated hero, highlighting even more the high ideals that govern the Homeric Epics.