The City Artists Corps Showcase at Queens Theatre

Art Thou An Artisté? Yes, I Arted

October 24, 7:30 PM

Comedian/visual artisté Symin Adive showcases various artists that are definitely not all her in different wigs. The artists discuss what else but themselves and also their art, which is an extension of themselves! Speaking of talking about themselves...Symin is a headline writer for The Onion and an Art Director/Illustrator/Designer/hyphenate hoarder extraordinaire. Will Symin have an existential meltdown about the inextricable meld of art and capitalism? Most definitely. Nevertheless, she is excited to present this 98% solo sketch comedy show that she has lovingly written/directed/performed/edited/produced/catered within a span of two months.

Photograph of Cabaret
Symin Adive
Meet the artist


Symin Adive is both an artist and a fartist. A thinker and a clown. An explorer and a stay at home-er (now more than ever). Currently, she is a headline writer for The Onion as well as a professional Art Director/Illustrator/Designer. Symin has branded herself as the first "luxury comedian" and "a pinnacle of Bangladeshi craftsmanship." Keenly aware of the catastrophic state of the world, Symin likes to distract herself by drawing pretty pictures and making dumb videos. Check them out won't you at the creatively titled