The City Artists Corps Showcase at Queens Theatre

After The Cut

October 17, 8:00 PM

Type of event: Hybrid Artist Talk and Multimedia

After The Incision is an artist talk and reading with artists and activists who are survivors of female genital cutting, including myself. Partnered with Scarlet Udaan, Sahiyo, Culture Push, Dearest Mearest, and Exiled Tongues the talk will center around how being survivors of FGC inform our creative practices, media representation of survivors of FGC, reclaiming the survivor narrative in our art, and how and why inclusivity is imperative in the fight against FGC. It will follow with a showcase of work by each speaker. The speakers will include Dena Igusti, Mariya Taher, and Farzana Doctor.

Photograph of Cabaret
Photo of Dena Igusti
Meet the artist


Dena Igusti is a queer non binary Indonesian Muslim writer, multimedia artist, and FGC survivor & activist born and raised in Queens, New York. They are the author of CUT WOMAN (Game Over Books, 2020). They have received play commissions at The Tank (First Sight, 2021) Players Theatre (SHARUM, 2019) and Center At West Park (CON DOUGH: Stories of 1-in-5 Gentrified, 2021). They are a Culture Push and Converse All Stars Associated Artist. They are a 2021 Playwright-in-Residence for Rogue Theater Festival. Their work has been produced and performed at The Brooklyn Museum, Apollo Theater, Prelude Festival, and more.