Digital Playbill: TFA Actor Training Program 2020

Queens Theatre presents

Theatre For All
Actor Training Program 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM ET

All of the participants were asked to share one monologue or song that they have been working on during the two-weeks of TFA Training 2020.  The focus of the two weeks is on training and process and this presentation is a continuation of the process.

We are so glad you can join us and celebrate in this work!

Today's Performances

Actors performing a scene during the TFA Training Program in 2019
Actors perform a scene during the 2019 TFA Training Program

Beginner Track

Haley Brown
"Lost in the Brass" from Band Geeks

Kelly Porter
"Plymouth" by Ike Holter

Liz Power
"The Member of The Wedding" by Carson McCullers (Frankie)

Melanie Rivera Waldman
"Being Alive" from Company

Jake Salemme
"All That's Known" from Spring Awakening

Matthew Taboada
The Amazing Spider Man

Advanced Track

Rachel Abbott
Emilia's monologue from Act 4, Scene 3 of "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Marcie Bramucci
Dear Jack Dear Louise by Ken Ludwig

Nicole D'Angelo
"Betty 2" from Collective Rage

Melissa Jennifer Gonzalez
Jackie's monologue from "Mauritius"

Dante Guilliano
"The Red Coat" by John Patrick Shanley

Rachel Handler
"Content Moderation" by Mildred Inez Lewis

Emma Lemanski
"Never Been Kissed" by Joseph Arnone

Connor Long
Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

Chris Lopes
"Beating" by Jim Chevallier

Megan Simcox
Aileen Wuornos from "Monster"

Norma Stobbe
Monologue from "The Verge" by Susan Glaspell

Peter Trojic
Vince's monologue from "Buried Child"

Teaching Artists

Christine Bruno

Diana Jordan

Sofiya Cheyenne

Pat Shay

Clark Jackson

Mary Archbold

Evan Cummings

Brigid Brady

Queens Theatre

Theatre For All Training Program Directors

Gregg Mozgala, Director of Inclusion
Richard Hinojosa, Director of Education

Production Manager

Victor Catano

Theatre for All Advisory Board

Mary Theresa Archbold
Brigid Brady
Christine Bruno
Evan Cummings
David Harrell
Richard Hinojosa +
Miranda Hoffner
Gregg Mozgala +
Taryn Sacramone +
Marilee Talkington

Jan Weatherly Valle

+ indicates a member of the Queens Theatre staff

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