Wheelchair Accessible IconQueens Theatre is fully accessible to persons using wheelchairs, including wheelchair seating in all three performance venues. When purchasing tickets, let your box office associate know and they will reserve those seats for you.

The main entrance is a flat pathway leading to doors which may be operated by pressing a button on the right side.

The building's restrooms and hallways are all navigable by wheelchair, and there is a public-facing elevator available in the main lobby. For performers, dressing rooms, actor bathrooms, and performer entrances in all three spaces are wheelchair accessible as well.

Assisted Listening Devices availableThe Claire Shulman Theatre is outfitted with infrared assisted listening devices. Please ask the front of house staff for more information.

Open Captioning IconSome performances will offer Open Captioning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The text of the performance will appear on a large monitor on the side of the stage. When purchasing tickets, please inform the box office to ensure your seats have a clear line of sight to the monitor.

Sign Language Interpretation IconSign language interpretation will be offered at scheduled performances. Interpreters will be located at the front of the left or right side of the stage. When purchasing tickets, please inform the box office to ensure you're seated with a clear line of sight to the interpretor.

Relaxed Performance/Sensory Friendly IconA Sensory-Friendly or Relaxed Performance is designed to create a performing arts experience that is intended for patrons who have autism or other social, cognitive and physical challenges that create sensory sensitivities and their families. The performance is modified to allow for more audience movement. The house lights will remain on at a low level. Sound levels are lowered, especially for startling or loud sounds. Designated quiet areas are available.

Audio Description IconAudio Description is available at scheduled performances. AD is a service which enhances experience for blind and low-vision audiences through the use of special listening devices and an Audio Describer. The Describer, from a remote tech booth, speaks into a microphone which is connected to headsets worn by low-vision/blind patrons both before the show begins, and between some lines to describe entrances, exits, and actions of the actors. Please see the Front of House staff for the listening device.

Queens Theatre acknowledges that some of its digital programming has gaps in its accessibility in published videos. All future videos will adhere to full accessibility standards. Please reach out to for remediation requests on any past videos.

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