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June 22, 2019

Queens Theatre teams up with The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) and the Queens Museum to present a staged reading of 50 Queer One-Minute Plays by 50 LGBTQ+ playwrights to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. 

The Stonewall 50 Plays will be the centerpiece performance in a day of activism, reflection, community conversation and art hosted by the Queens Museum (see full schedule here) as part of an official city-wide Stonewall 50 event. All of the day's events are free, but a ticket is required to attend The Stonewall 50 Plays, which begins at 2pm and is scheduled to run until 3:45pm. 

A community conversation will following the conclusion of the readings. 


The Stonewall 50 Plays Playwrights

Jonathan Alexandratos, David Anzuelo, Anooj Bhandari, Maybe Burke, J. Stephn Brantley, Manny Buckley, Becca Blackwell, J. Julian Christopher, Katie Kay Chelena, Paris Clayton III, Dominic Colon, Philip Dawkins, Anton Dudley, Johnny Drago, Hennessy, Lisa Huberman, Virginia Grise, Charles Gershman, Nico Grelli,

Directors: Dominic Colon, Katie Kay Chelena, Nathaniel P. Claridad, Nico Grelli and Kyle Metzer.

Peter Gil-Sheridan, David Grimm, Georgina Escobar, Kevin R. Free, Gina Femia, Finkle, Daniel K. Isaac, Stephen Kaplan, Jeffrey James Keyes, Shelton Lindsay, Yilong Liu, Katie Liederman, Dani Martineck, Winter Miller, Mona Moriya, Jonathan Norton, Nilan,


Curated by: Caitlin Wees, Nilan, Katie Kay Chelena, Nathaniel P. Claridad and Dominc D'Andrea. 

Ashley Marie Ortiz, Martavius Parrish, Duncan Pflaster, Azure D. Osborne-Lee, Topher Payne, Andrew Rincon, Harrison David Rivers, Connor Sampson, Darius Stubbs, Corinna "Gus" Schulenbeg, Jason Tseng, Christina Quintana, Kathleen Warnock and Steve Yockey.