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November 2, 2019

New York Shakespeare Exchange, which is committed to connecting people to each other and the world around them through Shakespeare's work, brings this rauccous, fun and FREE event for young people to Queens Theatre's main lobby. 

Four teaching artists from NY Shakespeare Exchange will host a Shakespearean Field Day/Obstacle Course that will expose children to the wonderful words of the Bard of Avon in a fun and exuberant way. This event is appropriate for 2nd grade and up (reading ability is needed).

Attendees spend 10 minutes each at the four Shakespeare stations and play lots of games along the way. Parents are welcome in join in, too!

The Games:

Shakespearean Insult/Complement Red Rover: Players pick their favorite Shakespearean phrases from a worksheet and use them to insult or complement the opposing team.

Iambic Pentameter Relay Race: Teams race to and fro while quoting famous Shakespeare lines and physicalizing the rhythm of Shakespeare's language. First team to get through all the players wins!

Shakespeare Charades: Players take turns acting out - without words, or course - famous Shakespeare character types from a quote. Are you a Prince, a Warrior, a Lover, a Witch? When the group guesses your type, you get to share your line!

Famous Last Lines: Lots of characters don't make it to the end of the play they are in. But they always exit with a flair for the dramatic. In this game, players act out the most over-the-top deaths from Shakespeare while performing the line they picked. 

Everyone is invited to dive into this fun event, which is FREE and does not require reservations, to discover their connection to the Bard. 

But be careful, you just might learn something. 

Saturday, Nov. 2, noon - 3pm


Free event; No reservation is required