SET - Senior Ensemble Theatre

This is your chance to take the spotlight!!

Queens Theatre's Senior Ensemble Theatre (SET) program returns to Senior Centers all around Queens this fall.  

Join in the fun!

Here's a snippet of this fall's Senior Ensemble Theatre Final Performance at Queens Theatre


Our community’s senior citizens bring to the performing arts a lifetime rich in human experience.  In six or more decades of living, they have witnessed world-shaking events and ridden the personal roller coasters of joy, sadness, good fortune and adversity that are essential to conveying high-quality theatre.  What better vehicle than the stage for the dramatization of their special insights?  Queens Theatre’s Senior Ensemble Theatre (SET) program provides a vital sense of commitment and joy in the lives of mature adults and demonstrates the possibilities for expanded horizons late in life.

Queens Theatre Education (QTEd) will partner with senior centers in Queens Communities to bring theatre arts to the center’s guests.  QTEd’s Director of Education will work with area senior center Program Directors to engage participants and promote our program in the community. Once the ensemble is gathered, QTEd will hire a professional theatre director/teaching artist and musical director to lead the group in exploring physical and vocal expression through various settings and characters.  The directors will help the ensemble chose scenes, songs and develop monologues that offer a variety of roles well suited for older performers. The material we propose present a positive image of the aging experience and provide an opportunity for seniors to enhance their mental acuity, be physically active and form new and lasting bonds with ensemble members. The directors will guide the ensemble members toward a cabaret-style performance goal. Rehearsals and workshops will take place at the senior center and the final performances will take place at the center as well as in Queens Theatre’s Studio or Cabaret Theatre.  QT’s professional crew will design lights, sound and run the production at the Theatre.  Friends and family will be invited to attend the final performance at QT free of charge.


Corona Senior CenterBesa me muchoDancers from Corona Senior CenterHoward BeachSeaside Senior Center

Page to Stage

Family Reading Hour

Studies show that reading to your child for just 20 minutes a day helps to improve vocabulary and behavioral performance in school. Page to Stage, now in its third year, bridges the gap between live performance and the written word – bringing books to life as a part of the reading process – while concurrently working to develop a child’s passion for reading. 

Page to Stage focuses on books that have been adapted to the stage and have upcoming productions as a part of the Queens Theatre’s Family Series. A professional teaching artist will perform a dramatic reading of the story (either the whole story or an excerpt, depending on the book’s length) for the children in an intimate setting. The teaching artist will then lead the children in fun and interactive theatre games designed to highlight the themes of the book and nurture creative story building. At the end of the reading/workshop, Queens Theatre will provide participants with a voucher for two tickets to Queens Theatre’s performance of the adaptation of the book read. There are no costs incurred by Queens Library branches and the program is offered free to the public.

Reading Events this season:

From the Mixed Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

The Lightning Thief

Check back for Dates, Times and Library Locations. 






Living Literature

Page to Stage Living Literature focuses on a selection of literature for adaptation to the stage.  Students choose a short story or a myth and, working with Queens Theatre’s teaching artist staff, analyze its central themes and characters, define the major plot points and determine how best to tell the story in a 10 minute play. Once the script is created, the students work with the teaching artists on staging and rehearsing the play.   


New Program Starting!

Beginning on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, QTEd will host Living Literature program at the Langston Hughes Community Library in Corona.  Are you between the ages of 10 and 14 and want to adapt short stories to the stage?  Join us for an afternoon of fun and creativity.  You can contact the Director of Education here,, or you can go to Langston Hughes Library and sign up with Librarian Cecile Hastie. Call 718-971-5839 for more information.  QTEd's Living Literature program is free for all participants.  The program will continue every Tuesday (skipping holidays) to January 16, 2018.  




Student Matinee Series

Queens Theatre is proud to present a new season of our Student Matinee Series offering students free matinee performances of its Theatre and Dance Series. Each performance takes place on a Friday morning beginning at 10:30 AM (unless otherwise specified). We ask that you please arrive at least 30 minutes before the show begins. There is ample parking available for buses right next to the Theatre. There will be a Talk Back session following the performance and a study guide will be given to each student.  Please limit the number of seats requested to 60.


Student Matinee Events This Season: 

Sense and Sensibility


Tango Fire

Much Ado About Nothing


Seating is limited and is on a “first come, first serve” basis.  To reserve seats for your school, call the box office at 718.760.0064

For more information, please call Richard Hinojosa, Director of Education, at 718.971.5839 or e-mail

Salsa Dance Classes

Join us this Fall for a series of Salsa Classes taught by renowned instructors and international dance champions Paul Ru Bao and Lu Lu Tan from the RU- DANCE-NY Dance Studio in Flushing.

No experience necessary!
All classes begin at 7pm and will be followed by an open dance from 8pm-9pm. You can also skip the class and join us at 8pm to dance and meet people!


Classes will run from November 19, 2015 to January 7, 2016 on Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm.


Class Schedule:
First Class................................November 19, 2015 
Second Class.................... .......December 03, 2015 
Third Class...............................December 10, 2015 
Fourth Class.............................December 17, 2015 
Fifth Class................................January 07, 2016

OPEN DANCE: $5 (from 8pm)

Call the Queens Theatre Box Office at 718.760.0064 to register. 


Botagoz Abdreyeva
Richard Abramovitz
Megan Abron
Hayk Aghabalyan
Pik Chu Ahmetaj
Elena Ahn
Gregory Ambrosini
Henry & Alyce Assael
Melanie Aviles
Christopher Baccus
Pyeunghun Baik
Alex Leonard Balagurchik
Claude Biot
Rosario Blas
Harvey Blas
Pauline Blenner
John Bolton
Morine Bowen-Avery
Al & Kathy Brand
Elaine Brichta
Pamela Calo
Maria Canela
Thelma Carillo
Minira Cekovic
Pongsuda Chandrapong
Hanna Chapman
Diane Cheroot
Jeffrey Chertok
Devin Chu
Tricia Coke
Norman Corenthal
Maresa D'Amore-Morrison
Elizabeth Ann Davidz
Katwicia Desruisseaux
Sara Di Salvo
David Douek
Matthew Dumbroff
Steven Duncan
Jamie Duncan
Kaitlyn Duthie
Olumide Earth
Timothy Emmerick
Galit Feinstein-Messinger
Leen Feliciano
Patricia Ford
Rubi Gaddi
Laura Gaona
Darleen Garcia
Davina Gelber
Saroj Ghoting
Ronald Gilliam
Meryl Gordon
Sol Greenbaum
Andrew Greiner
Nathaniel Grove
Jannat Gul
Aikeraranmu Hailili
Kristin Haluch
Tara Hanish
Emmet Hickory
Anne Hofmann
Cynthia Hubert
Kenneth Hubert
Safrina Hussain
Chau Huynh
Per Janson
Jackeline Jauregui
Sebastien Jean
Adela Johnson
Julia Junhee Kim
Laura Kabelka
Toni Kalfus
David Karmi
Sylvia Kates
Kihwa Kim
Anthony Kosiewska
Veronica Kuhlemann
Kathleen & Donald Lang
Claire Lanini
Marian Larkin
Angel Laureano
Magdalena Lazare
Lilian Lee
Yeonjoo Lee
Yan Lei
Ajani Lewis-Curwen
Hang-Yu Liu
Brian Loeffler
Elizabeth Lopez
Victor Mario Lopez Torres
Rita Lorusso
Eric Lustig
Monika & Walter Lutz
Judith Maiman
Nozaki Maki
Denise Masiello
Jessica McCoy
Tarneka McDuffie
Kaitlyn McGrory
Diane McGrory
Kazuyo Mizukami
Melinda Mlinac
Elena Moore
Sabrina Moscola
Shakahnie Nelson
Luca Neri
Mary Ng Pack
Julien Ng Pack
Victoria Nichols
Donna Nicosia
Doruk Onvural
Bella Ozhavarov
Rebeca Pagan-Rodriguez
Marsha Patelson
Nicole Pelini
Matthew Peterson
Robert Piskoizub
Michael Piskozub
Jadwiga Piskozub
Jacek Piskozub
Robert Puca
W K Rakotondralambo
Dariush Reza
David Riley
Eduardo Rivera
Wayne Rodriguez
Gregory Rogers
Ana Rojas
Nandini Roy
Dani Sahakyan
Michio Sanga
Alvaro Santamaria
Cristina Santucci
Patricia Daniela Saravia
Jenna Sauers
Elinor Schwartz
Patrick & Kathleen Schweiger
Sherry Seidman
Susan Shaw
Kseniya Shetrit
Irene & Dave Shlakman
Kevin Smith
Olga Starks
Wesley Stubenbord
Johnny Tepoz
Wei Tham
Joseph Tschurilow
Tung Tu
Joseph Carlo Ventricelli
Evangeline Villena
Gail Watman
Angela Wiele
Matthew Wildey
Raheem Saviour Williamson
Joanne Wizbicky
Crysral Woblan
Sandy & Lenny Wolman
Liz Woodburn
Morgan Wright
Tao Yin
Victoria Ying
Linda Yorio
Edward Zabski
Margot Zarro
Yue Zhuo


Seating capacity:
50-55, plus seating at the built-in-bar

Semicircular room, approximately 44'
wide by 27' deep

Stage dimensions:
8' deep x 12' wide x 8' high. Can be
expanded by reducing seating capacity

Full lighting grid; height 11' 6' at one 
end, 14' 2" high over the stage

Full complement of lighting and sound 
equipment, including projection
capabilities with built-in automatic

Dark tones and adjustable lighting create a swanky setting for a private VIP event, pre– or post-show reception or company cocktail party. This hot spot, with its built-in bar and  exible seating, can turn your next birthday party or business presentation into an event to remember. Seating Capacity: 60.

Studio Theatre

Seating capacity: 90 on portable risers

Room dimensions: 36' x 50'

Ceiling height: 11' 10";
Height to bottom of grid: 10' 51/2"

Two black full stage curtains and white 
cyc available

Shares dressing rooms and green room
with the Mainstage Theatre

Concrete floor with black plywood

Full complement of lighting and sound

This 90-seat, “black box”-style theatre is a flexible space outfitted with stage lighting and sound equipment that can assist in taking your event to new heights. Capable of hosting everything from a lecture or workshop to an intimate theatrical production with proscenium, thrust or in-the-round seating.

The Lobby

Also available:
Complete box office services

2 Yamaha U1H upright pianos,
1 Steinway Baby Grand Piano

20 orchestra stands and 50 deluxe
stage chairs

Additional musical equipment available

Washer, dryer, steaming and ironing

Portable 4x6 and 4x8 risers with
heights of 8", 16", 24" and 32"

15" x 96" and 30" x 96" folding tables,
and 24" square pedestal tables

Built in 2010, our award-winning glass-walled lobby, with its sweeping views of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, provides the perfect spot for any gathering. With an open floor plan, Italian marble floors and sleek modern design, this bright, airy, 2,800 square foot space can accommodate sit-down dinners, cocktail receptions and more.

4D Production presents



In the centre of Đurđević's, only ostensibly “simple“ plot, three urban thirty-year old men are found stuck “somewhere at the first curves of life – either for the inferiority towards a busy wife (Paun), or inability to prove himself through superficial sexual adventures (Piksi), or still irresistible urge to, using a “mask“ of innocent joke, humiliates his own friends (Bule). Nevertheless, equally important protagonist of the drama play NE IGRAJ NA ENGLEZE – the protagonist who is at the same time inside them, but also outside of them - is one of the essential fiend of the human nature: the gambling passion, more precisely the betting. The manifestation of this obsesive passion is, for all Đurđević's heros, betting on the matches results of various national footbal leagues.



In terms of formal development of the plot, the selection "sporting passions" allows the parallel, but also intertwined with the growth of tensions due to the anticipation of football results, as well as the tensions that these changes cause with the characters – implementation of the analog stream, namely the awakening and development of misunderstandings and conflict among three friends . It is not just about the confrontations arising from their different formal position (different betting forecasts and thus collision of conflicting expectations), but, as it turns out more openly, also from certain events in the (near) past, which directs the pleasant menly and gambling idyll of three frivolous friends towards areas of envy, distrust and deception. 

Fri. Feb. 5 2016

General Admission

Click here to buy tickets

Main Stage Theatre

Seating capacity: 472

Stage: 50' wide x 29' 6" deep at center

Proscenium: 24' high x 38' 8" wide

Five (5) dressing rooms that can
accommodate up to 46 performers,
restrooms with showers and a green

Harlequin gray/black reversible dance
floor available

Full complement of lighting, sound and
projection equipment, risers and soft

At 472 seats, our Mainstage Theatre has the ability to make each of your guests feel like they have the best seat in the house. Renovated in 1993, the Mainstage features a proscenium/thrust stage, lavish legroom and an intimate feel that make this the perfect venue for your next seminar, product launch or full theatrical production.