Composer W George Nissen Lecture Series Queens Theatre

Language and Meaning of Music, Part 2

October 8, 2012 at 7:00 pm

W. Gregory Nissen will be presenting Language and Meaning of Music, part 2.  This investigation into music theory and history will give you the background for understanding and appreciating the art.The lecture includes a section called American Rhythm, where Mr. Nissen goes through almost 30 musical pieces from 200 years of American cultural history, tracing the evolution from one style to the next, focusing in particular on the origins of jazz and the blues, the characteristic rhythms of operetta, the rise of mass media in music, and a discussion of how pop music rhythms evolve. 

 W. Gregory Nissen has had a long and diverse career as pianist, composer, musical director and theatrical presenter, both here in New York and in Seattle.  He performed as solo pianist at President Clinton’s Inaugural in 1993.  Since graduating from Manhattan School of Music in 1986, he has played piano for almost every dance studio in Manhattan. Recent work includes the Off- Broadway show Dissenters, about the anti-globalization  protests of 1999, and the score and script for  The Mandala Maker.  He is a protégé of the late Lukas Foss, and attended conducting class at Tanglewood with Leonard Bernstein.  His current compositional projects include a Russian gypsy ballet and an opera set to a novel by Jack London.  This June he will be seen musically directing Siren's Heart about Marilyn Monroe at the St. Luke's Theater

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